Features of Pretty Guestbook

A website is more attractive to visitors the more it offers interesting contents and the more it offers interactivity. So why not insert a guestbook in your website that allows visitors  to leave a trace of their passage!

The features of Pretty Guestbook are the following:

  • The guestbook does not need a database, it uses text files
  • It needs to be installed on a server that supports PHP
  • Pagination of messages
  • Anti-spam captcha control
  • Administration panel for deleting unwanted messages
  • Customize the guestbook language
  • Customize the guestbook colors with themes
  • Customize guestbook icons with icon sets
  • Possibility to insert smiles into the messages

Themes and Icons for Pretty Guestbook

Do you want to give your guestbook a new look? Change the look thanks to the numerous themes and icons made available for free on the website!

Add Smiles into the messages!
Today, into the messages it is possible also to insert very nice Smiles to make your mood more evident!